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Pouch and Printing Service

We provide custom multi-layer film lamination and up to 11 color rotogravure printing services according your requirements for  pre-made pouches and roll stock films.


Printed roll stock for FFS packaging


3 side seal pouches


side gusset pouch


Pillow pouches


Stand up pouches


Re-closable zip pouches


Retort pouches & Retort microwaveable pouches

                                  Properties of Major laminated Films




 Transparency  Cellophane, OPP, PET, ONy, PS, PC  CPP
 Surface Gloss  Cellophane, OPP, PET, PS, PC  CPP
 Light-Block  Paper, Foil or Metallizing  Met-CPP, Met-PE
 Strength  ONy, PET, PC, PS  EVA, LLDPE
 Shock and Pin-hole    Resistance  ONy, PVA  EVA, LLDPE
 Stiffness  Paper, Cellophane, PET, PC, OPP  MDPE, CPP
 Gas-Barrier  Foil, PVA, EVOH, PVDC, VMPET, ONy  Met-Film
 Humidity-Block  Foil, VMPET, PVDC, OPP  CPP, LLDPE
 Flavor-Keeping  Foil, PC, PVA, EVOH, PAN  PAN, PET
 Cold-resistance  PC, PVC, ONy, PET  IO, EVA, LLDPE
 Heat-resistance  Cellophane, PET, ONy, PC, OPP  CPP, MDPE, LLDPE
 Form Ability  PS, PC, CNy, PVA  CPP, PS

                              Simple Examples of Plastic Flexible Packaging


Material Composition

 Retort  PET 12 / AL 9 / CPP 70 ,     PET 12 /  CPP 70 , PET / ALOX / NY / RCPP
 Instant Noodle  OPP 20 / PE 20,  OPP 20 / PE 15 / Multi-PP 30,    OPP 20 / VMPET 12 / PE 20
 Snack and Confectionary  OPP 30 / PE 20,        HDPE 30 / PE 30,      OPP 30/ PE 15/VMPET 12 / PE 20,      OPP 20/ PE 15 / AL 7 / PE 20
 Pickles  ONy 15/ PE 60, OPP 20/ PE 60
 Frozen Foods  ONy 15/ PE 60, OPP 20/ PE 60
 Ham and Sausage  PET 12/ PE 60(cover)CNy 100/ PE 100(forming body), PET 12/PVDC-coat/PE 60(cover)
 Seeds  OPP 20/ PE 20/ Paper 60/ PE 20/ PE 20/AL 7/PE 20
 Pharmaceuticals  AL 20/ PE 20,  OPP 20/ PE 20
 Fresh Meat / Fish Foods ONy 15/ PE 60, KOP 20/ PE 20/ PP 30
 Agricultural Pesticide  OPP 20/ PE 20/ AL 7/PE 20

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The competitive power of a product depends on the equipment and technology. We introduced the following equipment to meet the diversified needs of the technology-driven market.


Eight color high-speed rotary photogravure press

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