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PET Films
BOPP Films
PVDC Films
Shrink Films

PET Films

Polyester (PET) Film has outstanding dimensional and thermal stability, excellent tensile strength, good barrier and electric insulation properties. It is widely used as a substrate of lamination for flexible package, electric insulation component in electric industries. Our PET film manufacturer in China is ISO 9001 certified since 1997. Products include:

Plain PET Films

Silicone Coated PET Film

Chemical treated Polyester Film - Type 201

Chemical treated Polyester Film-Type 211

 Matte PET Film

Electric Insulation PET Films

  Aluminum Metallizing PET Film

Color PET Film

BOPP Films

BOPP Film is a clear or matte bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene. This film has good clarity, resistance to UV light, excellent chemical and abrasio0n resistance, and a smooth surface. The clear material has a reasonable scuff resistance and a great acid resistance. It  is widely used in the packaging, pressure sensitive tape, label, stationary and decorative markets. Our BOPP film manufacture is ISO 9001 certified. Our products:

Plain BOPP Film

Matte BOPP Film

Heat Sealable BOPP Film

PVDC(Saran) Coated Films

PVDC(Saran) Coated Films have all good-properties of PET or BOPP films, increasing oxygen, moisture and odor barrier properties by coated a 2 micron PVDC(Saran) layer.

One side PVDC(Saran) coated PET Film

PVDC(Saran) & Acrylic coated PET Film

 One Side PVDC(Saran) Coated Extinction BOPP Film

POF Shrink Films

With the properties of extremely softness, great shrinkage, quick and strong seal, excellent clarity, gloss and sheen after shrinkage, the series of shrink film is suitable for a variety of packaging equipments: from semi-automatic to high-speed machines. It is the substitute of traditional PVC heat shrinkable film.

POF Shrink Film

Cross Linked POF Film

Polyester Heat Shrink Film


◊ Pouch & Printing Service  

We provide custom multi-layer film lamination and up to 11 color rotogravure printing services according your requirements for  pre-made pouches and roll stock films.

 Properties of Major laminated Films




 Transparency  Cellophane, OPP, PET, ONy, PS, PC  CPP
 Surface Gloss  Cellophane, OPP, PET, PS, PC  CPP
 Light-Block  Paper, Foil or Metallizing  Met-CPP, Met-PE
 Strength  ONy, PET, PC, PS  EVA, LLDPE
 Shock and Pin-hole    Resistance  ONy, PVA  EVA, LLDPE
 Stiffness  Paper, Cellophane, PET, PC, OPP  MDPE, CPP
 Gas-Barrier  Foil, PVA, EVOH, PVDC, VMPET, ONy  VMPET
 Humidity-Block  Foil, VMPET, PVDC, OPP  CPP, LLDPE
 Flavor-Keeping  Foil, PC, PVA, EVOH, PAN  PAN, PET
 Cold-resistance  PC, PVC, ONy, PET  IO, EVA, LLDPE
 Heat-resistance  Cellophane, PET, ONy, PC, OPP  CPP, MDPE, LLDPE
 Form Ability  PS, PC, CNy, PVA  CPP, PS



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